LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS- All my materials are completely legal to use, purchase and own within the USA. I have done extensive research on this subject. My wing/talon/bird remains items are either all imported form overseas (mostly the UK and Europe) or are domestic from here in the USA and follow all MBTA regulations.

With that being said, if you don't know about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act please check out these links:



Some states prohibit certain parts from animals because they are protected and as I try to stay as educated and up to date as possible on these things, laws change frequently and it never a bad idea to research on your own. You can always drop me an email if you have questions regarding the laws and restrictions on what your state allows and we can learn and research together :)

SHIPPING- My default shipping method is First Class USA only on most of my listings however if you would like to upgrade to Priority or Express please contact me before purchase so I may arrange that for you.

Please research the laws in your state it you feel unsure about anything you wish to purchase ESPECIALLY if you live in California!

Any international shipping inquiries please check your laws and send me an email to see if I'm available to ship to your country.

RETURNS EXCHANGES AND REFUNDS- Due to the delicate nature of most of my items I largely do not offer refunds. Exchanges are a very rare occurrence and usually only take place if a mistake was made on my end. I ask that you please be certain you can commit to the purchase before ordering. 

I am not responsible for any damage to packages once they leave my possession and enter the world of USPS. I ship my items very carefully and package them very well. At this time, the USPS is struggling to survive so please have patience with receiving your packages. Tracking is available for all orders always with the exception of gift certificates. If something is taking an usually long time to arrive please contact me and we will try to sort the issue together.  

CUSTOM ORDERS/COMMISSIONS- Please check with the monthly newsletter or social media posts or contact me about my availability for custom orders. Commissions and CO's are very dependent on the materials and supplies I have on hand at the time and the ability to order said components in an ethical way. 

I require a 50% deposit up front so that my materials and losses are covered if the customer bails or backs out of the order. Unfortunately this has happened to me more than once.